And after lunch...


I hope that the Holy Father enjoyed his lunch at Morningside. I popped into one of my favourite haunts, the Thai Silk at the O2, before taking the Jubilee line up to Westminster and on to the Media Centre. I have so far met met Mulier Fortis, Fr Stephen Wang, Jack Valero and Jean Mercier (La Vie). All set up now with the embargoed text of the sermon, working laptop, good ethernet connection and a glass of water.

Right now, the massive congregation is reverently quiet at Bellahouston after a beautiful rendition of Bruckner's Locus Iste - a piece I remember from the Schola at the English College which was in those days directed by Fr Guy Nicholls who will meet the Holy Father personally at the Birmingham Oratory. The Holy Father is about to process in for the Mass...


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