Feel like singing yet?

A wonderful rendition of Cardinal Wiseman's classic hymn to pray for the Holy Father. Unfortunately, as is common, the fifth verse is omitted. Here are the words:
For like the sparks of unseen fire,
That speak along the magic wire,
From home to home, from heart to heart,
These words of countless children dart :
“ God bless our Pope,” &c.
In Wiseman's day, the "magic wire" was the newly-invented telegraph. The verse can apply just as fittingly to the internet, I think.

On Sunday, my organist and quite a few of the choir will be at the Mass for the Beatification of Cardinal Newman so I think we will be reduced to Low Mass. Whatever happens, we will certainly be singing "God bless our Pope" after Mass. If anyone has difficulty finding the words or the organ score, here is a nice clean jpeg that I prepared. It will print clearly on A4 size paper (go to this Flickr page and download the large size)

God bless our Pope

(Printing it out just now, I made the mistake of allowing Windows photo gallery to take the default option of printing it on 4"x6" photo paper. Actually it is quite cool!)

Thanks to Protect the Pope for the link to the video - and of course for all the great work in advance of the Holy Father's visit.

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