Pray for Chen Guangchen! Pray for China!

The name and photo of Chen Guangchen have appeared several times on this blog and it is good news that he has managed to make a daring escape from his brutally enforced house arrest and taken refuge at the US Embassy. He is something of an embarrassment it seems, because everyone wants to keep on good terms with China and the Chinese government does not want to lose face. When will they understand that they have already brought shame on the good people of China?

Chen Guangchen is also an embarrassment for some in the western media. He is usually referred to as an "activist" but some articles do not even mention what his activism sought to fight against, namely forced abortion and sterilisation in the name of China's one child policy.

Say a prayer for Chen Guangchen and his family. Apparently one of the "face-saving" ways for him to get out of the country is to be sent for "medical treatment." Let us pray that something like that happens and we can hear him speak in the West.

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