Scholae at Lublin

The schola in the picture on my post about High Mass in Lublin (right) is directed by Father Piotr Paćkowski and its members are students of musicology from Catholic University of Lublin. This choir is the "guest" schola that sings at the Church of the Immaculate Conception three or four time a year for the traditional Mass - their help is much appreciated.

Father Piotr is very supportive of the traditional Mass and his involvement in the traditional liturgy at Lublin is important for the people who are attached to it. The above picture was taken during Vespers in the usus antiqior at the Immaculate Conception Church on the feast of St. Stanislaus bishop and martyr.

The regular schola Vox Iucunda sings once or twice a month (and excellent organists also assist.) Vox Iucunda is led by Agnieszka Mycka: the members are enthusiasts, mostly students, who regularly attend the traditional Mass at the Immaculate Conception.

Below is an embed of a rough, unedited recording from the schola carrying out their normal service at the Mass for the first Sunday of Advent 9part of the Introit.)

Reporting on events in Poland, I have some sympathy with local journalists who struggle to get details right. I now have a resolution to carry a notebook around to get names and fact correct. One mistake I made was to say that the 18 year old, and highly competent, MC for the High Mass, Michał Mycka, studied a copy of Fortescue in Polish. In fact, it has not been translated into Polish. He studied the English version. I wonder how many English MCs would cope if they had to study the rubrics in Polish!

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