Praying for the SSPX to enrich the Church

Last Wednesday in the main foyer of the Catholic University of Lublin, someone handed me a printout of the Vatican communiqué regarding the response of the SSPX to the doctrinal preamble. This was illustrative of the fast-moving nature of the story at the moment. Thanks to Rorate Caeli I was able to keep up with the developments via the iPad and a booster for 3G internet access in Poland.

Plenty of others have commented on the leaked letters, the possibility of a split, the re-publication of some of the more trenchant addresses of Archbishop Lefevbre, the likely resolution of the matter, and the essential role of Pope Benedict in the possible regularisation of the SSPX by means of a canonical structure. I accept the advice of several wise statements from those in authority within the SSPX that we should now pray hard. I pray for a good outcome that is pleasing to Almighty God and works for the good of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ on the rock which is Peter.

The outstanding document of the past couple of weeks is the Letter of the General Council of the SSPX which, I am sure, will go down in history as a prudent, charitable and balanced call to "work in the field" according to the will of Divine Providence.

This evening I had time to sit and watch the video made by the Catholic News Service of an interview with Bishop Fellay. First of all it is extraordinary that a mainstream Catholic new service would produce such a sympathetic piece. This is in itself a sign of the times. Secondly it gives us a chance to see something of the character of Bishop Fellay. I have to say that he comes across as a man of great warmth of character who could lead many in the renewal of the Church.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

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