What God has separated, let no man join together

This is your chance to have your say against the metrosexual elite's engineering of society.

There is little real support for the legalisation of gay marriage and plenty of determined opposition. 529,685 people have signed the Coalition for Marriage Petition at the time of writing. (Do sign now if you haven't yet done so.) The Government has undertaken a consultation and it is important that the voice of reason is heard in response to it.

There is plenty of good information and guidance about the consultation: I recommend two sources in particular: the SPUC Briefing and Christian Concern which both give sound advice.

Here is a link to fill in the consultation online. It doesn't take very long. The deadline is 14 June but I am nagging you now so that you do not have your conscience nagging later because you didn't get round to it.

(The graphics on this post are from contenidosemf, set up by the Spanish Bishops for the 5th World Meeting of Families with Pope Benedict in Valencia in 2006.)

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