Cardinal Burke arranges Roman monument to Blessed Columba Marmion

If you spend any time in Rome, and especially if you like reading inscriptions, you will soon see that one of the things that was traditionally expected of higher ecclesiastics with charge of Churches is that they improve them. The inscription can then end by saying that whatever monument or embellishent that is being celebrated was taken care of by Monsignor Canon Grande Saturno or whoever.

There are so many of these plaques and monuments that it is easy to lose sight of the importance that they once had, and the historical value that they still have. The more permanently relevant are those dedicated to the saints. Cardinal Burke has carried on this fine Roman tradition by taking-care-of–the-setting-up-of a new monument in his titular Church: to the Blessed Columba Marmion who was ordained priest there.

Shawn Tribe at the New Liturgical Movement has the story and pictures, including the above. I was delighted to hear that the monument was designed by Duncan Stroik. His work can take its place quite respectably among the other monuments of Roman Churches which is a great credit to him. The fact that he has not tried to do something "different" is an example of humility when we are so used to seeing bizarre and grotesque monuments placed in historic buildings, boasting of the cleverness and daring of the artist. Duncan Stroik's monument to Blessed Columba is deceptive in that the skill of its design and execution is not something that shouts for itself (though it is undoubtedly a superb work.)

I wrote about Blessed Columba a while back and take this opportunity to recommend his spiritual books if you have not yet discovered them. On my next trip to Rome I must include a visit to Sant Agata dei Goti.

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