The Lord of DNA (and everything else)

Warning: if you listen to this, you will also be singing "Hip hip hooray for DNA" along with the pupils in Mulier Fortis' science class. (See Earworms...)

It hadn't occurred to me before that the vast resource of YouTube could liven up science lessons. The videos are more snappy than the ponderous films that were nevertheless a welcome diversion in my science lessons back in the early 70s. I always enjoyed science and in fact did physics, chemistry and biology at A-level. As a teenager, it was thrilling not only to discover something of the workings of the universe but also, thanks be to God, to have contact with the Faith Movement which was founded at that time, and to be guided in understanding that the breathtaking organisation of the material world is an expression of the wisdom of God the creator. That same wisdom and that one mind is also expressed in the raising up of the people of God, the hope of the Messiah and the incarnation of the Logos, the eternal wisdom of God, in Jesus Christ the Word made flesh, his life death and resurrection, the Church and the consummation of all things in Christ.

This way of looking at creation still inspires me now in reading the Last Gospel and genuflecting at the words Et Verbum caro factum est. We discover something of the awesome divine intellect in the material sciences (for instance in the amazing phenomenon of DNA.) That awesome divine wisdom is hypostatically united to human nature in the one person of Jesus Christ whom we adore as our Lord and our God, made flesh for our sake in the womb of the Virgin Mary.

Studying creation through the natural sciences, we can see how powerful was the teaching of St Paul in Colossians, that the whole lot was made through Him, it was all made for Him, and the whole lot holds together in Him - from DNA to galaxies and everything in between, all is subjected to Him, the Lord of All, the Alpha and the Omega.

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