Ocean to Ocean Pilgrimage arriving Monday

The Ocean to Ocean Pilgrimage is a striking act of faith in the power of Our Blessed Lady in the pro-life cause. A replica of the famous icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa has been transported from Validivostok on the coast of the Pacific Ocean (in the bit of Russia that is near North Korea) right across Russia and on a round trip of Eastern Europe, followed by a tour of various countries in Western Europe.

On Monday, the icon comes to Dover and will then be taken to Canterbury, Westminster, Chiswick, Walsingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Carfin and Glasgow, before going on to Ireland, France, Spain and Fatima in Portugal which is near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Pilgrimage is a highly significant ecumenical endeavour in which the Russian Orthodox have worked together with Roman Catholics in the promotion of the sanctity of life under the patronage of Our Blessed Lady.

James Preece had a good post about this a few weeks ago and has some great photos today.

Main Ocean to Ocean website
Dedicated UK website
UK timetable
Complete schedule and map

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