Bernie's Restaurant

English people of a certain age (mine or above!) will remember the chain of Berni Inn restaurants where you could get prawn cocktail, steak, chips and frozen peas, and black forets gateau. Last night, it was the restaurant of Fr Bernie O'Connor, a Canadian priest who is working at the Pontifical Council for Oriental Churches (he is responsible for the Syro-Malabar Rite). Fr Bernie used to be the spiritual director for a number of students at the English College. He is still the same - rotund, jovial and most sollicitous for the care of priests.

We were joined by Fr Charles Briggs, Fr Michael Lang and Fr Athanasius who is a young priest of the Ukranian rite, working in Rome on a history doctorate. After dinner, we took a short digestive stroll to view the new door with Pope Benedict's arms.

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