Bloggers meet

The visit to Cambridge was also an opportunity to meet Fra Lawrence OP, the author of Contemplata aliis Tradere".

It ended up being quite a journey from Parkminster. Before I even got off the M23, the matrix signs were warning of "Long Delays" from Junction 2 to Junction 30 of the M25. By the time I got to Sevenoaks, the signs had changed to indicate that the jam was from Junction 3. So I had to detour via the M20, Kidbrooke and the Blackwall Tunnel. Fortunately I got there in time but had to grab a quick bite at the service station rather than being able to eat with Edmund and Fiorella in Cambridge.

Fra Lawrence told me some other news (well "news" to me out in the sticks). My old friend Fr Richard Conrad is the Prior at Blackfriars in Cambridge.

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