First Holy Communions

The first of our three first Holy Communion Masses took place this morning. We have just over 50 children and find that three Saturday Masses is just about right: the Church is pleasantly full for each without being overcrowded.

Just a quick post to share the hymn we always sing first at Holy Communion. It is one of those that inexplicably "died out" for a few years in the seventies. I am pleased to see that it is listed in various places on the internet but I haven't been able to find a midi of the melody we use. If I get time later, I'll scan the old Westminster Hymnal page with the score.
Jesus! Thou art coming, holy as thou art,
Thou, the God who made me, to my sinful heart.
Jesus! I believe it, on thy only word;
Kneeling I adore thee, as my king and Lord.

Who am I, my Jesus, that thou com’st to me?
I have sinned against thee, often grievously;
I am very sorry I have caused thee pain.
I will never, never, wound thy heart again.

Put thy kind arms round me, feeble as I am;
Thou art my Good Shepherd, I, thy little lamb;
Since thou comest, Jesus, now to be my guest,
I can trust thee always, Lord for all the rest.

Dearest Lord, I love thee, with my whole heart,
Not for what thou givest, but for what thou art.
Come, oh, come, sweet Saviour! Come to me, and stay,
For I want thee, Jesus, more than I can say.

Ah! What gift or present, Jesus, can I bring?
I have nothing worthy of my Lord and King;
But thou art my shepherd: I, thy little lamb,
Take myself, dear Jesus, all I have and am.

Take my body, Jesus, eyes and ears and tongue;
Never let them, Jesus, help to do thee wrong.
Take my heart, and fill it full of love for thee;
All I have I give thee, give thyself to me.

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