Problems of blogging in France

It's quite fun reading the instructions on blogger in French - "Republier la totalité du blog" and suchlike. The difficulty is that French keyboards are different. There are all sorts of tweaks to accommodate accents, the numbers are uppercase and the q, m, a and w keys are in different places. The full stop is in the uppercase register.

I went to the Tourist Information Office to see if they might know of "un cafe internet". They gave me a printed list! In France, shops still close for lunch so I have had to transfer to the Cafe Le Carrefour which has a computer so I can blog over a gin and tonic. Annoynigly, this one has some kind of proprietary settings that make the styles of all the pages change. There is also one of those toolbar things; This one offers you the chance to "sauver dons Mon Web". Good thing is that the internet connection is much faster. Now, let's "publier le message".

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