Adoremus Bulletin

The mission of Adoremus is
[...] to rediscover and restore the beauty, the holiness, the power of the Church's rich liturgical tradition while remaining faithful to an organic, living process of renewal.
Adoremus is concerned with the dignified celebration of the post-Vatican II Liturgy. Although they do not seem to have any quibble with the idea of allowing greater freedom to the old Mass, it is not their particular concern.

They have been closely following the debates in the US Conference of Bishops concerning the new ICEL texts. I find that Adoremus is the best source of information on this most important matter. They also publish good articles on Church architecture and music. The latest edition arrived on my mat this morning and it is particularly good. This current May 2006 issue is available to read online. I was amused by this anecdote in the article by Lucy E. Carroll A Choir Director's Lament on Lyrics for Liturgy:
Here is an interesting example of ideology masquerading as theology:
The light of God is shining bright
In ev’ry girl of woman born
And in her fingers and her face
Are heaven’s glory, pow’r and grace
So when she’s walking, running, leaping,
Sitting and thinking, talking, sleeping,
Don’t ever treat a girl with scorn,
But look and see the face of God in ev’ry girl of woman born
“Of Woman Born”, words by Brian Wren, music by Francis Patrick O’Brien, GIA Publications #G5916 (2002)

This is the first third of the text. (Boys are included later on, you’ll be happy to know.) This song was included in a publisher’s workshop held in our area. At the conclusion of the “sing-through”, most of us sat, stunned into silence. The event-leader asked, “Now, for what occasions could you use this piece?”

A male voice in the back boomed: “The Twelfth of Never!” and was greeted with uproarious applause.

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