Satan knows his targets

The Carthusians live a mainly solitary life, leaving the cell only three times in the day: for the Night Office, for the Conventual Mass and for Vespers. They eat simple, frugal food, speak only when necessary, try to love God, and pray for us all daily. They have lived in this way without essential change since the 11th century.

Men such as these were taken from their monastery, cajoled to deny their faith, and then dragged at a horse's tail through the streets of London. This was done as a deliberate humiliation since the horse's excrement would fall on the prisoner. Finally they suffered the torture of being hanged until half dead and then disembowelled while still alive.

What obscene evil could inspire someone even to contemplate treating such holy men in this fashion?

Clearly, the devil knows who his enemies are. I think it is most significant that the very first of the hundreds of martyrs who gave their lives during the English "reformation" were Carthusians.

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