Fr Crean OP to speak at "Call toYouth"

I am happy to pass on news of this forthcoming talk in the London Oratory's Call to Youth series.

Thursday 29 October at 8pm, St Wilfrid's Hall

Fr Thomas Crean O.P. will be speaking on:
The Kingship of Christ & Religious Liberty

Father Crean is the author of the best-selling A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins, and has recently published an excellent work of Catholic apologetic entitled "Letters to a Non-Believer". For information about this and other publications, see the webpage for Fr Crean OP.

The question of religious liberty has been one of the hottest potatoes of theological debate in recent decades. Father Crean has studied the subject in depth.

Please come along if you are 18-35 & bring your friends. If you are new, do make yourself known to Fr Julian Large. As usual: food & drink afterwards.

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