The spiritual nourishment of the Christian West

The Italian website Maranatha has provided a series of YouTube videos giving an explanation of how to celebrate Low Mass in the usus antiquior. There are sets with explanations in Italian, French and English. There is also a set of videos with the whole Mass from beginning to end.

If you can understand Italian, I recommend the introduction by Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. (Here on YouTube). I have translated a few sentences for you from near the end of the video:

The extraordinary form of the Roman Rite has been for centuries the spiritual nourishment of the Christian West. It has inspired Gregorian chant and polyphony, and the noble architecture of Churches; it has made stone and marble pray, has filled spaces with sacred silence and a contemplative atmosphere which helps modesty. It invites us simultaneously to prayer and purity. [...]

With courage and decisiveness, Pope Benedict XVI has determined to keep alive this patrimony of culture and faith as a spur to holiness also for future generations. The Church will be eternally grateful to him.

To the accusation of rivalry or antagonism between the rites, or the division of the faithful, one responds with the age-old wisdom of the Church which knows how to have within its garden a place for all the flowers, so that nobody will have to be prevented from freely choosing that expression of faith which best nourishes their own faith.

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