Archbishop Ranjith in action

Hat tip to Fr Z for this excellent instruction from Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, formerly Secretary for the Congregation for Divine Worship and now Archbishop of Colombo in Sri Lanka. See: Liturgy Circular. Here are some highlights to encourage you to read the whole text:
Priests are not permitted to change or improvise the Eucharistic Prayer or other immutable elements of the Mass...

The so-called "Praise and worship" elements are not allowed during the entire rite of the Mass. Inordinate and loud music, clapping, long interventions and gestures which disturb the sobriety of the celebration are not permitted...

I would recomment all faithful, including the religious, to receive Holy Communion reverently kneeling and on the tongue...
Archbishop Ranjith impressed me greatly with his humility and urbanity when I met him briefly in Rome a few years ago. His firm but kindly guidance on matters liturgical goes hand-in-hand with his robust and courageous dealing with the government.

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