New media: the Pope gets it

The Holy Father has addressed the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications on the subject of the new media:
These days you have paused to reflect on the new technologies of communication. Even a not very attentive observer can easily see that in our time, thanks to the most modern technologies, a genuine revolution is taking place in the realm of social communications, of which the Church is ever more responsibly conscious. These technologies make possible a speedy and penetrating communication, with a capacity to share ideas and opinions; to facilitate acquiring information and news in a personal way accessible to all.
I must confess to chuckling at the phrase "even a not very attentive observer" - there are still some who are totally oblivious.

He says later in the message:
I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to invite those who work in the Church in the realm of communication and have responsibilities of pastoral guidance to take up the challenges that these new technologies pose to evangelization.
Yes, Holy Father - and thank you.

The Holy Father also mentions a resource that is in the care of the Curia:
The Vatican Film Archive has, therefore, a rich cultural patrimony, which belongs to the whole of humanity.
That sounds a little like support for the idea of the "open source", "creative commons" style of availability. I hope that the Vatican can take this up in accord with the principles of social teaching, and the Church's attitude to social communications.

See also comments from Fr Z on this.

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