Bishop bans fellow Bishop from his diocese

Bishop Sample, of Marquette MI, has written to Bishop Gumbleton to explain politely that it is the usual courtesy for a visiting Bishop to seek the approval of the local ordinary before accepting an invitation to speak in a diocese. Bishop Sample also explains that his own responsibilities would not be helped by the visit because of Bishop Gumbleton's very public positions on homosexuality and the ordination of women. Read: Bishop Sample's Statement. See also the American Papist's Commentary: Bishop Sample prevents Bishop Gumbleton from appearing in his diocese

The Citizens for Peace and Social Justice are unaccountably "confused" by Bishop Sample's very clear and polite message. I think they mean that they disagree with him but it sounds better to make the passive-aggressive claim of confusion and hurt. They say Bishop Gumbleton was not told why his visit was not welcome. This is a good example of people making just any old statement in the face of the publicly available evidence (Bishop Sample's Press Release explaining the "Why")

The there is the more openly aggressive attack from the gay bloggers ("Catholic gestapo", "policing", "censorship" etc.)

Here are photos of the two Bishops. I'll leave you to guess which is which for extra marks in the "Rocket Science Examination."

UPDATE: Fr John Boyle knows Bishop Sample personally and has a good post on this incident.

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