Old Ordo 2010 ready for ordering

Rubricarius has completed the Ordo for 2010. This is the Ordo with instructions for the Mass and Office each day according to the usus antiquior prior to the reforms that took place during the reign of Pope Pius XII.

Rubricarius has done a fine job with this Ordo over the years but it is a thankless task. The pedantic 62-ers will doubtless say that having the second confiteor or commemorations at sung Mass is little better than playing banjos or having the "clap clap" Gloria, while Rubricarius himself will have considerable sympathy with those of us who would raise questions over the reforms that took place under the saintly Pope Pius X. As the expert rubrician explained in his lecture at Blackfen, it is really impossible to "go back" to a particular year.

BTW - if you want the "strictly 62" Ordo, (and this too is a very worthy and helpful service) you can go to the Latin Mass Society website in due course (the 2010 Ordo is not yet ready but will presumably be posted soon.)

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