CES broadly supports Government Homeschooling proposals

I have not time to do much analysis of this but I thought readers might be interested to see the response of the Catholic Education Service (CES) to the Government's proposals for registering and monitoring homeschooling families.

The CES agrees with proposals for registration, agrees that someone should have the right to visit and inspect (though suggests this should be OFSTED rather than the Local Authority), but disagrees with the right to interview children alone - suggesting that a "trusted person" should be present.

The CES also wants a share of the monitoring arrangements:
We have also been told of parents describing their home schooling arrangements and curriculum as being “Catholic home schooling". There is no such model or programme of which we are aware and it is important that monitoring authorities are aware of this and feel able to revert to diocesan authorities and/or CESEW for advice if such queries arise. We would also find it helpful to be kept informed of the extent of the use of such a term, ie for what numbers of children and in what areas.
It would be a service to the Catholic Church in England and Wales, I am sure, if readers were to provide links in the combox to Catholic Homeschooling programmes - particularly any that have the imprimatur.

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