CS&F Bill - advice on strategy

Last week I mentioned the Children, Schools and Families (CS&F) Bill as a result of a mistake that I made, some very helpful information and advice on strategy came in from various sources; for which I am most grateful. (Commenters who could not allow their comments to be published may contact me on rosary@freeuk.com - I would be very glad to hear from you, at least to have the chance to thank you personally.)

The current business statement for Parliament runs to 3 December and the CS&F Bill second reading is not included in it. When any progress is made, such information as the Hansard record of debates, procedural motions, lists of amendments will be posted at the dedicated page for the CS&F Bill at the Parliamentary website. There is also a link there to further information about the passage of a Bill.

It was also pointed out to me that since this session of Parliament will be very short (there is widespread speculation that Parliament will be dissolved around Easter) the opposition has considerable power to obstruct and delay Bills so that they do not complete their progress to receiving the Royal Assent, and therefore simply fall at the end of the session.

As the session nears its end, there will therefore be negotiation on remaining Bills to seek agreement on which will be allowed to pass, or which parts of them will be allowed to pass. This can mean the removal of controversial parts of Bills in order that the non-controversial elements can pass into law.

Home Educators will obviously want to get the part about the new Registration Scheme dropped from the CS&F Bill - and many parents who send children to schools will, I am sure, support them in this. Parents will also want to get the new proposals for sex and relationships education dropped. Now-ish would be a good time to write to your MP.

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