Archbishop Burke and Summorum Pontificum Study

The Italian news service Androkronos has just reported Archbishop Raymond Burke as saying that at the older form of the Roman Rite, altar girls (or women) are not permitted to serve at the altar, nor is it allowed for lay people to distribute Holy Communion. Archbishop Burke said this in an introduction to a German Canonical Commentary by Fr Gero P. Weishaupt on Summorum Pontificum.

H/T Raffaella at Il blog degli amici di Papa Ratzinger

(In an earlier version of this post, I mistook the import of the Italian article. I thought it was referring to the clarification that we are expecting to be issued from the Holy See and/or any information or guidance resulting from the three yearly review of Summorum Pontificum. Nevertheless, Archbishop Burke's comments are significant. My apologies for the error.)

At NLM, Gregor Kollmorgen has posted various links and an English translation of a key passage from Archbishop Burke's introduction. Preface of Msgr. Burke to Canonical Commentary on Summorum Pontificum.

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