Faith Summer Session 2010

This week the Faith Summer Session is taking place at Woldingham School in Surrey. As usual, there is a large group of students from all around the UK, together with priests and a significant proportion of the seminarians from British dioeceses. The theme for the talks this year is The Church: I am with you always". I spoke this morning on the Church as our living link with Christ.

We have a guest speaker each year and I was delighted to hear that James MacMillan will be addressing us tomorrow. We're planning to have a bloggers' photo...

As well as the principal purpose of working to give young people a sound understanding of the Catholic faith, the Summer Session of the Faith Movement is always a great opportunity for networking. I have already been able to catch up with many friends and tomorrow is the guest day which will see a number of others, especially families joining us for the afternoon.

I see that Fr Zuhlsdorf is also at a networking thingy over at La Crosse, where he has, incredibly, crossed paths with Fr John Boyle, at a Canon Law Conference addressed by Archbishop Raymond Burke.

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