Photos from Downside conference

2010 08 12_7298

Seeing on Fr Ray Blake's blog that he is back from Downside, I followed his link to have a look at the photos in LMS Chairman, Joseph Shaw's flickr set: LMS Priest Training Conference at Downside.

2010 08 12_7318

The conference was put on by the Latin Mass Society to train priests to celebrate Mass according to the usus antiquior. this year, the guest speaker was Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the author of Dominus Est. A couple of years ago, I posted a video of bishop Schneider, and some helpful links. I expect that his address will be available soon at the Latin Mass Society website. Here is a photo of Bishop Schneider giving Holy Communion in the way in which he advocates in his book, with the communicant kneeling and receiving on the tongue:

2010 08 12_7340

And here is a photo of the whole gathering, after Pontifical High Mass on the feast of St Clare:

2010 08 12_7362

There may be an anti-baroque reader or two who will particularly appreciate this fine conical chasuble from the Downside sacristy. I don't know, though. It smacks of monophysitism to me. (That is an in joke.)

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