Powerful message on celibacy from Bishop Jukes

Bishop John Jukes has written a powerful and inspiring personal reflection on celibacy on the occasion of his 87th birthday. He might have issued this via the Catholic Communications Network or something, but he has shown considerable media savvy in sending it directly to Damian Thompson who has posted it in full on his blog, thus gaining the venerable Bishop and his important article quite a lot more readers than the official path might have secured. I hope that it is picked up and posted on official channels as well. See: A Catholic bishop looks back gratefully on 87 years of celibacy. (I have further reason to be grateful to Bishop Jukes since it was he who had the temerity to ordain me in 1984.)

An amusing reference to this story was unwittingly provided a few minutes ago by Our Sunday Visitor on Twitter (click to enlarge):

Don't tell Damian!

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