ICEL translation - don't try this at home

Mgr Charles Pope has drawn attention to the fact that the New Roman Missal Translation Contains Some Last Minute Changes. Fr Anthony Ruff at the PrayTell blog has posted a helpful table with a comparison of the changes. They are genuinely minor but somewhat irritating nevertheless. In the combox, Mgr Pope says
It’s kinda murky as to who in the Vatican got their fingerprint on this at the last moment.
Quite so.

Leaving that slight annoyance aside, it is interesting that Mgr Guido Marini, the Master of Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations recently spoke about the liturgical texts to be used during the Papal Visit to Britain next month and referred to the ordinary as having been approved a while ago.

This presents something of an anomaly since, for example, in the USA, the implementation of the new translation is set for the first Sunday of Advent 2011. We have, as yet, no date for England and Wales. Thus we have texts that are approved for use but not yet "implemented". One suggestion might be that although they are not yet compulsory - that will come with the "implementation" - they are nevertheless not actually forbidden. (Though perhaps a liturgical co-ordinator will correct the Holy Father who, as we know, is "not a trained liturgist" according to the Tablet.)

At the website of the US Catholic Bishops, you can download the text for the Ordinary of the Mass. Using the full version of Adobe or some less expensive program such as Nitro, it is quite possible to extract the text (of the first Eucharistic Prayer, for example) into a clean Word file. Acrobat reader, and plenty of free and open source programs will let you get the raw text, though you would then have to re-colour the rubrics.

Then it would be possible in theory to paste a devotional picture of the crucifixion before the beginning, put the text in two columns, add drop capitals, and so on, to make a worthy print-out that could be used for the liturgy study purposes.

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