Event: John Pontifex (ACN) at "Call to Youth"

John Pontifex of Aid to the Church in Need, is speaking at the next meeting of the London Oratory's "Call to Youth". Here are the details:

Call to Youth
St Wilfrid’s Hall
Thursday, 4th February at 8pm
John Pontifex of the Aid to the Church in Need

“The Courage to be Christian: The Suffering Church Today”

Many of us think that the age of persecution is over, that it is something from the past but the speaker will remind us that for a large number of our fellow Catholics persecution is an everyday reality. In China, in Iraq, in the Sudan, in Pakistan and elsewhere Christians are actively persecuted. There is an old Catholic saying: “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church” and it is exactly where persecution is at its worst that the Faith is seeing a resurgence. This is a chance to learn more about these stories and so to learn of ways we can help them – not forgetting that they too may help us with their prayers!

Please do come along if you are 18-35. Bring your friends. Food & drink afterwards as usual.

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