Mgr Marini's address and Jeffrey Tucker's introduction

As an example of the use of the new media, encouraged recently by the Holy Father, a good example is the widespread distribution of the address by Mgr Guido Marini to the Confraternities of Catholic Clergy gathered in Rome earlier this month.

The Wanderer are going to publish this paper as a special monograph and they have invited Jeffrey Tucker of the New Liturgical Movement blog to write an introduction. Understandably, he describes this as "a rather intimidating assignment" but I consider that he has done justice to the task. One quotation:
Msgr. Marini has been a leader for Catholics of the world in the revival of the preconciliar form of liturgy and also in the reform of the modern ritual in a manner than makes it part of the great continuity of development that stretches from our times back to apostolic times. In this essay, he presents the rationale for reform from his perspective, from the perspective of the Pope, and also the perspective of uninterrupted Catholic teaching. There is so much to learn from in his speech, and it leaves us all with so much to do and for which we must all pray.
I encourage you to read the whole article: Introduction to Msgr. Marini's Address.

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