"The Church right on birth control"

Business Insider, a secular media website, carries a spectacularly good article Time To Admit It: The Church Has Always Been Right On Birth Control. The authors succinctly demolish the argument that the Church's teaching on birth control is outdated and obviously silly. Here's a taster:
Today's injunctions against birth control were re-affirmed in a 1968 document by Pope Paul VI called Humanae Vitae. He warned of four results if the widespread use of contraceptives was accepted:
  • General lowering of moral standards
  • A rise in infidelity, and illegitimacy
  • The reduction of women to objects used to satisfy men.
  • Government coercion in reproductive matters.
Does that sound familiar?
Because it sure sounds like what's been happening for the past 40 years.
It seems that President Obama's version of the dictatorship of relativism with the proposed HHS rule is generating some powerful support for the Catholic Church. In the USA, the Bishops have been pretty stout in speaking out about the threat to freedom of religion and have been garnering widespread support by their strong stance.

Here's another quote from the article: I found it amusing:
And if you don't think women are being reduced to objects to satisfy men, welcome to the internet, how long have you been here?
Do read the whole piece.

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