Looking forward to speaking to "Call to Youth"

On Thursday 1 March I'm giving a talk to the London Oratory's "Call to Youth." (8pm in St Wilfrid's Hall) The title is "Was Christ tempted ‘just as we are’?: Understanding the temptations of Christ". These talks are open to people from 18-35 years old. This work with young adults at the Oratory has been remarkably successful and I am looking forward very much to the occasion.

If you are tempted to fire off in the combox the Jerusalem Bible translation of Hebrews 4.15, do be aware that the meaning (and therefore the proper translation) of that verse is one of the principal points at issue. Key dogmatic point: Jesus did not suffer from concupiscence.

Here is a list of some other events for Call to Youth during Lent from their email today:
On Thursday 29th March from 8pm in the Little Oratory:
An Evening of Recollection for Lent
Prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament & Lenten meditations

Both evenings will end with the usual sandwiches & drinks.

Also do try to make time for these:

Lenten Evening Oratory with the Fathers
in the tradition of St Philip Neri
6.30pm – 7.30pm
in the Little Oratory on Wednesdays in Lent

29 February:
Getting through Lent.

7 March:
Penance and Reconciliation.

14 March:
Preparing for the Forty Hours.

28 March:

Prayer. Short spiritual talks. Music.

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