Gay Mass Bidding Prayers video

Look, isn't it about time an end was put to this? It is a scandal to all faithful Catholics and a travesty of the Church's genuine concern and care for people who have particular problems and temptations.

I entirely accept the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (2358) that people with same sex attraction should be treated with compassion and sensitivity. In my own ministry, in which I have heard many confessions of people who have committed sexual sins whether heterosexual or homosexual, I hope that I have been kindly and, as far as possible, understanding. It is perfectly possible to offer acceptance and compassion for human weakness without the need to have the Bidding Prayers read by a man with a wig and a dress and a rainbow flag on the ambo.

The Gay Mass phenomenon is also an obstacle to many good people who are struggling with temptations to same sex attraction, and trying to live a chaste life according to the teaching of Christ and the Church. I do not know of any official support that has been given to Encourage, yet the scandal of the Soho Masses seems to be immune from serious, documented and sustained criticism from lay people who can supply (and have supplied over years) reams of evidence of dissent from Church teaching, association with immoral events and groups (such as "Pride") and such travesties of the liturgy as illustrated in the video above.

The Catholic Church in England and Wales will have no credibility in opposing legislation for gay marriage while this is allowed to continue in the heart of London.

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