Message from Una Voce Brasil

Una Voce Brasil asks for your prayers for their new apostolate. Danilo writes:
Brazil is by far the largest catholic country but it is also the most secularized of all latin america. We're facing the challenges of abortion, gay unions, euthanasia and worst. The political persecution of the catholic religion and catholic morals is very hard. Like in your homeland, the crucifixes here are threatened by unfair legislation that forbids the image of our Lord in the public spaces.

Here also grows the interest for the TLM despite the clerical persecution of traditional-mind catholics. Many young priests are giving a chance for the old form and they are discovering a deep sense of sacred and a new perspective of the liturgy, just like the Holy Father wrote in his letter to the bishops about the Motu Proprio.
The challenge of secularism is found across the globe and it is good to hear of Catholics on "the far side of the world" (from our point of view) who are confident in their faith and ready to "Save the Liturgy, Save the World."

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