40 Hours at London Oratory as Conclave begins

Thanks to Divine Providence the Forty Hours arranged by the Oratory Fathers in London coincides with the start of the Conclave. If you are in reach of London, this is a great opportunity for you to pop in to pray for your adopted Cardinal, say the Novena Prayers (you can, of course continue saying them even though the Novena has been completed), say the Rosary or just spend some time in meditation before the Blessed Sacrament (half an hour gains a plenary indulgence.) Here is the notice from the Fathers:
This year the Quarant'Ore devotion takes place over the first days of the Papal Conclave. The Church will therefore be open all night on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please pray to our Eucharistic Lord that he give us a shepherd after His own Most Sacred Heart.

Tuesday 12th March (CHURCH OPEN ALL NIGHT - please enter by side door after midnight)
6.30pm Solemn Mass of Exposition and Procession of the Blessed Sacrament
(Latin - Ordinary Form)
Toccata Quarta (alla Elevatione) Frescobaldi. 
Missa Vinum bonum Lassus.
Panis angelicus Rebelo. Tantum ergo Duruflé. 
Lauda Sion Correa de Arauxo. Pange Lingua Palestrina

Wednesday 13th March (CHURCH OPEN ALL NIGHT - please enter by side door after midnight)
6.30pm Conducted Holy Hour

Thursday 14th March
7.00pm Lauda Sion (Mendelssohn), Solemn Benediction
O salutaris Hostia Fernand Laloux. 
Lauda Sion Mendelssohn.
Tantum ergo à 5 Victoria. 
Prelude: Kyrie, Gott heiliger Geist (671) J.S. Bach.

Low Masses each day as per normal schedule: 7.00am, 8.00am Mass (Latin - 1962 Missal), 10.00am, 12.30pm

If you are intending to come after midnight, please let the Fathers know: youngcatholics.oratory@googlemail.com

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