An apology to Rorate Caeli and a correction on TLM provision in Buenos Aires

My post on the Old Rite Mass in Argentina was in response to several comments I read in various places stating that there is no provision for the usus antiquior in Argentina. I did not intend to make any criticism of the Rorate Caeli blog (which did not make that assertion) and I apologise if that impression was given. I am also happy to link to NC's post How Summorum Pontificum was blocked and trampled on in Buenos Aires: facts, not fantasy and disinformation.

So although Cardinal Bergoglio did initially arrange for a Mass according to the norms of Summorum Pontificum, it was such that the readings were from the modern lectionary in the vernacular - so far in accord with a possible first reading of SP (though Universae Ecclesiae n.26 made clear that the readings should be from the 1962 lectionary) - but also with lay readers which is not provided for in SP. Attendance at the Mass dwindled and it was discontinued.

Just to be clear also, the Masses which are on the google map that I linked to are all outside the diocese of Buenos Aires which is just the area in white on this map.

I write this post in the interest of accuracy. As is probably fairly obvious, I am trying to post as many positive things about Pope Francis as I can. However that is a useless exercise if the truth is not adhered to carefully. The purpose of this post is not to fan the flames of criticism of our new Holy Father but to be as accurate as possible. Let us pray the God will guard and guide the Holy Father in all his responsibilities, including his governance of the Sacred Liturgy.

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