ACCC Conference starts today

After a most pleasant and restful few days at Mentone, today my Australia trip moves into a higher gear with the start of the annual conference of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy. We are meeting in the centre of Melbourne at Corpus Christi College, the regional seminary for Victoria and Tasmania. As I said to my hosts last night, it is pleasant to be in a place where people are proud to call themselves Victorians.

The Conference Brochure has the full programme. There are about 60 priests attending, and several Bishops. I am looking forward to the Conference Dinner tomorrow evening at the Savage Club. Bishop Meeking will be giving an address at the dinner, on his experiences in Rome during the second Vatican Council. On the other hand, I am getting a little nervous about delivering my own lectures, and fiddling around with last-minute edits. Do send up a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

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