Evangelium Day in Melbourne

The Evangelium project, put together by Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent, and published by the CTS, has reached Melbourne. A couple of years ago, Fr Marcus Holden visited to speak to the ACCC and introduced Evangelium.

Evangelium in Australia, organised by Fr Nicholas Pearce (on the left in the photo) has a summer school in January, and yesterday there was a one day winter conference on the topic "How to defend your faith without raising your voice. I spoke in the morning and got to meet many of the sixty or so enthusiastic young adults who came. It was an impressive day with quite a packed programme. In addition to the talks, there was the divine office, rosary, Mass with Archbishop Hart and a holy hour with Benediction.

From Friday 13 September to Sunday 15 September, there are retreats for men and women aged 18-35. The women will be at the Amberly Retreat Centre in Sydney with the Dominican Sisters of Nashville (Sydney) and the men will be at the Pallotti College Milgrove with priests from the Archdiocese of Melbourne. To keep in touch, add Fr Nicholas Pearce as a friend on Facebook.

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