Emus, Kangaroos, Wallabys and Dingos ...


... as well as tasmanian devils, koala bears, an eastern bearded bragon, and lots of platypus (I will not go for the possible platypuses, the erroneous platypi or the pedantic platypodes (cf. the same argument over the plural of octopus.)

I got to see all of these animals today, thanks to my kind hosts who took me to the Healsville Wildlife Sanctuary, about 40 miles north-east of Melbourne. They understood that a visit to Australia would not be complete without seeing a kangaroo. Unfortunately I didn't get to see a wombat: they were hiding.

So here is a photo of a kangaroo:


I nearly got to eat kangaroo yesterday evening but unfortunately kangaroo was off and had been replaced by venison. One of the kind priests who took me out advised that wallaby is actually nicer.

Here's a kangaroo doing its stuff:


A tasmanian devil doing its stuff:


A koala bear


and another one


As you can see from the above, although Koalas look cute, they have claws that can do some serious damage.

Lastly, an impressive Pelican:


That's enough animals for now - there are a few more photos at my Healsville Sanctuary flickr set. I will just leave you with a photo that might be useful as a stock photo to illustrate something - a load of fruitbats:


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