Bishop Egan inspires gathering of priests

St Patrick's, Soho is always a joy to visit both because of the warm welcome always extended by Fr Alexander Sherbrooke, the parish priest, and because of the opportunity to marvel again at the beauty of the Church after his ambitious and successful restoration. (More photos here)

Today I was there with the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy to hear Bishop Philip Egan speak on The Priest in a Secular Culture. He gave a thoughtful analysis of secularism and some sound practical advice for priests. I was going to attempt an outline of some of the points that he made, but Fr James Bradley of the Ordinariate has saved me the effort by quickly posting posted a good summary and reflection on the talk at his own blog Priest in a Secular Culture which I recommend to you.

As well as the high quality content that is on offer, these are also great occasions to catch up with priest friends over lunch and, to spend some together before the Blessed Sacrament. I do encourage priests to join the Confraternity (provided, of course, that they agree with the Objects). The Annual Colloquium is at the Oratory School, Reading on 22 and 23 October so it would be a good idea to keep those dates free.

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