A lonely moment

Fr Z has quoted an article written for America magazine by a liberal-minded priest who has generously celebrated the TLM for a group that has asked for it. His experience of the Canon is recounted in this paragraph:
"The act of praying the Roman Canon slowly and in low voice accented my own smallness and mere instrumentality more than anything else. Plodding through the first 50 or so words of the Canon, I felt intense loneliness. As I moved along, however, I also heard the absolute silence behind me, 450 people of all ages praying, all bound mysteriously to the words I uttered and to the ritual actions I haltingly and clumsily performed. Following the consecration, I fell into a paradoxical experience of intense solitude as I gazed at the Sacrament and an inexplicable feeling of solidarity with the multitude behind me."
Father has asked for comments, especially from priests. Fr Ray Blake has chipped in and I have just added my own tupp'orth. See From another entry: during the Roman Canon “I felt intense loneliness”

For another excellent combox discussion, see Help me work through this: Since the TLM is now back, why bother with the Novus Ordo in Latin? (199 comments so far!)

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