Calling Mel Gibson!

Dear Mr Gibson,

Please make a brilliant film about St Edmund Campion.

Yours Sincerely,

Catholics in England

The graphic to the left is from the Facebook group of the same name. (For those on Facebook, here is a link to the group.) More than one person has suggested to me in the past that it would be a great thing if Mel Gibson were to make a film about the life of St Edmund Campion. This was always a good idea; after the new Elizabeth film, it is a must.

So the campaign starts here. Someone reading this blog must know someone who knows Mel Gibson. 1. Encourage him to read Evelyn Waugh's stirring account of St Edmund Campion (if indeed he has not already read it); 2. Challenge him to find a good reason not to make a thrilling, spectacular and emotionally-charged blockbuster movie about the Saint which would inspire anyone with an open mind; 3. Emphasise that this will counter the black legend, whig history propaganda of "Elizabeth. The Golden Age".

Fellow bloggers: I don't often make blatant requests of this sort so I hope you will excuse me on this occasion. If you agree with this idea, please post something about it. Let's get the word out and...

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