"Smoke in the Sanctuary"

Southwell Books have announced the publication of "Smoke in the Sanctuary" by Stephen Oliver; it is available from their website at £7.95. Here is a quote from the publisher's information about the book:
Stephen Oliver’s witty take on English Catholic parish life in the early 21st century drew praise (and laughter) from laity and parish clergy alike when it was first published. Not only does it present an array of hilariously well drawn characters that will be instantly recognisable in most parishes, it also uses humour to examine the serious question of the liturgical changes in the Catholic Church over the last 40 years. This new edition has the twin bonuses of a new foreword by Fr. Tim Finigan and glorious illustrations by Jack Fieldhouse.
I was delighted to be asked to write a foreword for the book. Never having done such a thing before, I looked up on the internet for some advice on how to write a foreword. One site said that if you were really serious, you could even read the book. Let me assure you that not only did I read the book but I also thoroughly enjoyed it, quite often laughing out loud.

I am looking forward to the book launch at the Oxford Oratory on 23 November.

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