Marchetto attacks Bologna school

Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, the Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Migrants and Tourists, recently gave a speech at Ancona which was reported by the Catholic News Agency (CNA: Vatican II not open to free interpretations, says Vatican official)

Here is a part of the article:
“Vatican II was a great event, a synthesis between tradition and renewal that is not a break with the past in the creation of a new Church,” the archbishop said during a speech on the Catholic Church in the 20th century in the city of Ancona.

He said the members of the School of Bologna have been very successful in “monopolizing and imposing one interpretation” of Vatican II that goes beyond what John XXIII and Paul VI imagined, even so far as to propose “a Copernican revolution, the passing to…another Catholicism.”
Coming from a senior curial official, this is a significant public criticism of the Bologna school.

Archbishop Marchetto (67) has been secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Migrants and Tourists since 2001. Before that, he was pro-nuncio in Madagascar, Mauritius and Tanzania and, more recently, Nuncio in Belarus. In February 2000, writing in L'Osservatore Romano, he argued against calls for Pope John Paul to resign from the papacy when he reached his 75th birthday. He was astute enough to quote Cardinal Suenens who spoke at the second Vatican Council that the Pope should be excluded from any requirement to resign at a particular age.

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