The pro-life power of prayer

From the Sisters of the Gospel of Life:
Please remember a young woman called Becky in your prayers. She’s in the early stages of pregnancy and seriously considering abortion due to very difficult circumstances.
I visited the premises of the Good Counsel Network in London yesterday to celebrate Mass. Afterwards over tea and sandwiches, Stuart McCullogh was telling me of some of their experiences of the power of prayer. Sometimes, women will change their minds about abortion suddenly and unexpectedly, perhaps when the counsellor has become convinced that they are just going to go elsewhere and arrange for an abortion. Very often, Stuart of one of the others will discover that just at that time, someone had offered up a particular prayer, perhaps deciding to say the Rosary, or to call into the chapel to adore the Blessed Sacrament.

Pro-life prayer is not just a pious thought when we have run out of other ideas. It is an indispensable and powerful part of our pro-life activity. So say a prayer for Becky and remember the work of the Sisters and the Good Counsel Network every day in your prayers.

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