Faith Council meeting

I am not sure what was happening in the picture above but it does look to me as though Fr Luiz Ruscillo has cracked an unfortunate joke and been told to eat his lunch kneeling as a penance.

Priests and laity from the Faith Movement got together today at Willesden Green to look at matters of policy and forthcoming publications and events. Before the business meeting, Fr Hugh MacKenzie gave a lecture on the open letter of Islamic scholars and possible Catholic approach to dialogue with Muslims. The discussion afterwards was good, exploring some of the theological issues raised especially by Pope Benedict in his Regensburg lecture.

Fr Hugh is editor of Faith Magazine and also spoke to us later of some plans for a redesign of the Magazine. We talked about arrangements for the forthcoming Winter Conference for students and young people (details at the Faith website.) Our webmaster, Brian O'Gorman was there with some new ideas for the website and we heard about the various events going on around the country.

Over lunch, Sr Roseann Reddy of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life was introduced to Fiorella and Edmund Nash's baby, Francesca:

I later managed to catch just the right moment in the middle of a great smile from Francesca:

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