"Summa Theoblogica"?

Hilary White was in town today, that author of The Devout Life and, more recently, Orwell's picnic. She also writes regularly for the excellent LifeSite News. She was able to get out to visit Blackfen for our Classical Rite Mass this morning so I suggested that we have a bloggers' lunch, accompanied by Mac of Mulier Fortis (to whom credit for the photo.) Pizza and Pasta at Zizzis was not favoured so we opted for the buffet at the Laughing Buddha. As it was lunchtime, we were not favoured either with a customer Karaoke session or with the proprietor doing his star turn as the Chinese Elvis impersonator. But it's an ill wind... the absence of entertainments meant that we could talk.

We inevitably got onto the question of the remarks of Bishop Hollis on the legalisation of brothels. Discussing the views of St Thomas Aquinas, I found myself saying that St Thomas "posted" on the subject. After protesting that I did know that in those days, people wrote things down in other ways, it struck us that the structure of the Summa is not so very different from a blog - admittedly a very well-ordered one. The objections and replies form a sort of medieval combox discussion. I suppose the Commentary on the Sentences could be thought of as a kind of fisk, too. [That's enough silly medieval comparisons. Ed.]

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