Bishop Hopes takes Tablet to task

See Damian Thompson:Westminster diocese attacks Tablet for stoking up 'culture wars' over Latin Mass

Several of us on the blogosphere drew attention to the attempt on the part of the Tablet to enlist Archbishop Nichols into its campaign against the usus antiquior and those priests who make it available for their people. Bishop Hopes points out that,
In his message welcoming priests to the training conference provided by the Diocese of Westminster in conjunction with the Latin Mass Society, Archbishop Nichols expresses his gratitude to those priests who have given up their time to respond to a need in the Church today.
Bishop Hopes also refutes the claim that the Archbishop was concerned with "potential schism" or that he was suggesting that the place of the usus antiquior is "necessarily marginal". He quite rightly points the finger at the Tablet for stoking up the "culture wars" from which they sanctimoniously profess to distance themselves.

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