FSSP Venice

Thanks to Fr Ray Blake, I have been looking through the website of the FSSP in Venice. Don Konrad zu Loewenstein FSSP has care of the Church of San Simòn Piccolo near the railway station. There are some photos from last Sunday's Mass at NLM (San Simeon Piccolo, Venice). The above photo is from the website - taken on the feast of St Mark.

As Fr Blake remarks, San Simòn seems to be the place for young Venetians. It is rather heartbreaking to realise that he is also probably right in describing the Church as "not that significant" in Venetian terms. Venice is one place in Italy that I have not yet visited: I'm rather keen to go there now. When I do, I think I'll ask them if I can take home one of their more ordinary Churches - perhaps one that they wouldn't really miss too much.

The FSSP Venice website is very well put together and it is the only website I can remember which has had background music that I have not turned off.

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