New issue of "Catholic"

"Catholic" is the newspaper produced by the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer whose monastery is on the island of Papa Stronsay in the Orkneys. You can susbscibe at their blog Translapine Redemptorists. For £10 a year, you get four issues of "Catholic" and a substantial supplement with each issue.

With the latest issue comes "Gerardo": a biography of St Gerard Majella, which I have just enjoyed reading. It was written by Fr William Frean C.SS.R. in 1971 and the story of its publication is of interest:
In its day this beautiful little work has caused considerable controversy because of its fidelity to continuity while those in power thought in terms of rupture - but it has survived to see a new era in the Church. Due to opposition from Redemptorist superiors it was never published and was given to us by the late Fr A.J. Cummins C.SS.R. for this purpose.
"Gerardo" is an affectionate and edifying life of the humble brother who was sought after by Bishops and by the poor. He sometimes had to rush past the Blessed Sacrament a little hurriedly in order to avoid going into ecstasy when he had important work to do.

The book also includes a novena to St Gerard with daily meditations written by Fr Ramon Sarabia C.SS.R. in 1924 and translated from the original Spanish for this publication. I have been using it for my own meditation each morning - it is in the traditional redemptorist style which I find very helpful.

Don't forget that St Gerard Majella, among his many other thaumaturgical accomplishments, is invoked particularly for expectant mothers. (My own mother prayed to him during her pregnancies and had six of us safely enough.)

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